لو سمحتوا واحد يكتب لي نص بالانجليزي

Hello: Per our recent chat conversation, you had not received this email. I am including the full text of the email from our network security
صورة 'الشوقبي' الرمزية
قديمة 24 - 12 - 2007, 10:17
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Per our recent chat conversation, you had not received this email. I am including the full text of the email from our network security admin below:

Reference: Mail Gateway
Server: cayenne
Domain: desrway.com
Owner: XXXXX
Email: [email protected]

TOS/MAIL: cayenne: XXXX (Sun Dec 23 18:51:06 CST 2007)


An account under your control was recently found to be sending out emails at a rate faster than 200 messages/hour, which resulted in a temporary suspension. As outlined in both our terms of service and general mail policies, the maximum number of messages an account is permitted to send is 200 per hour. We will review the content of the messages being sent from your account; if they appear to be spam or otherwise violate additional HostGator rules, your account may not be eligible for unsuspension. If your actions were unintentional, the content of your messages are found not to be spam, and this incident was simply an oversight of our rules, you may have the option of upgrading to dedicated servers. Continuing this type of mail volume on shared servers, however, will not be an option. The 200 mails/hour rule was put in place for our shared servers simply because it is important to us that they are not blacklisted. High volumes of mail from any account jeopardizes that goal. We welcome your response to this issue. Should you be able to assure us this issue will not recur in the future, we may be able to reinstate this account on a shared server, or assist you in upgrading your account to a dedicated system (with the assumption your messages are not found to have violated our anti-spam policies).

Our mail rules may be found here:

http://www.hostgator.com/mailpolicy.shtml (and) http://www.hostgator.com/tos.shtml

Note: If you have a catchall enabled as well as boxtrapper, this could account for your enormous mail volume. Each spam message that arrives in your mailbox generates a second wasteful message to verify the original spam. If you intend to use boxtrapper, you MUST disable your catchall. Catchall service is no longer being offered, and only remains in place for our legacy customers. In situations like this, we may opt to disable your catchall to prevent further mail floods, if that is the cause of the spam or high mail volume.

Mail Log Parsed from 2007-12-23 04:02:26 to 2007-12-23 18:51:07

958 total messages in cayenne queue
[17/13] in/out SMTP connections
18:51:07 load average: 5.05, 4.71, 3.72

User has no messages currently queued.

Network Security Division
866-964-2867 (General Support)
281-476-7801 (Abuse/Security Fax)

Email: [email protected]

Thank you
Hostgator.com Support Staff

Leanne Stokes
HG Technical Support

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: AXJ-570385
Department: Abuse
Priority: High
Status: On Hold


المهم يارفاقة اني فهمت ان الرسالة بخصوص النشرة البريدية وانا فعلا البارح ارسلت نشرة

لكن اللي ابيه الحين لانهم يبوني ارسل لهم المبرر على الرسائل وربي ماعندي الانجليزية الجيدة
ابي واحد يكتب لي رسالة بالانجليزي بالمبرر

المبرر هو :

صحيح لقد ارسلنا نشرة بريدة من المنتدى لجميع الأعضاء المسجلين لدينا لاخبارهم بما هو جديد بالمنتدى

ونأمل منكم اعاده فتح المنتدى لكي

ونعدكم بعدم ارسال نشرات بريديه الا حسب السياسة المطروحة من قبلكم

واللي يشوف اني ازيد عليها اضافات يكتبها


ابي فزعتكم متورط والله
المشاهدات 529 | التعليقات 2
قديمة 24 - 12 - 2007, 16:45
المشاركة 2
صورة 'Diamond' الرمزية
:: عضو نشيط ::
تاريخ الإنضمام: 16 - 04 - 2005
رقم العضوية : 3705
الدولة : canada
المشاركات: 1,202
أخي راح اكتبلك رد بسيط ومختصر جدا بما معناه إنك ما كنت تقصد هالشي وما قريت القوانين منيح


In fact I didn't mean to send spam,beside my actions were unintentional, and this incident was simply an oversight of your rules

You can cosider this as a result of my English being very poor ,and I misunderstood some of the rules.

I assure you thoat issue will not recur in the future

Thank you very much

Best Regards

كتبتلك الرد على السريع لإني بطلع ومختصر ومفيد وبما معناه إنك ماكنت على دراية كافية بالقوانينن و مو مقصود تجاهلها وإنه لغتك الإنجليزية مو قوية بدرجة كافية ولذلك في أشياء مافهمتها بالقوانين

ووعد بأن هذا الأمر لن يتكرر بالمستقبل

يـفـوح شـذى الياسـمين وإن قـتلـنـاه ألـف مـرة

أختكم - رنده
قديمة 24 - 12 - 2007, 17:31
المشاركة 3
صورة 'الشوقبي' الرمزية
:: عضو نشيط ::
تاريخ الإنضمام: 22 - 12 - 2006
رقم العضوية : 30150
الدولة : الصين
العمر: 33
المشاركات: 1,570
يعطيك العافيه على المساعده و النص الجميل

شكراً لك
اضافة رد

افضل مركز تحميل ......قول الي عندك تعريفات !!

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